Beyond The Bell presents the Stone Cold Chronicles: The History of Stone Cold Steve Austin. The inaugural edition relives the beginning of Austin’s Hall of Fame career as host Sean Beckerman focuses in on the years 1990 through 1992. From his training with Gentleman Chris Adams leading him to his arrival in the USWA and then straight into his debut in World Championship Wrestling, this edition covers the early years of Steve Austin’s illustrious career. Follow ‘Stunning’ Steve Austin through World Championship Wrestling as he wins his first major championship and forms a ‘dangerous’ alliance with Paul E. Dangerously. Listen to old-school interviews from a young Steve Austin and retro audio featuring Paul Heyman, Tom Zenk, Barry Windham and many more. So sit back and open up some “Stevewieser’s” and relive the career of Steve Austin… and that’s the bottom line… ‘Cause Stone Cold Said So!

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