Beyond The Bell presents the Stone Cold Chronicles: The History of Stone Cold Steve Austin. In this edition, host Sean Beckerman follows the Rattlesnake’s Hall of Fame career in the years 1995 and 1996. What lead to Eric Bischoff firing ‘Stunning’ Steve Austin from WCW? Relive the debut of the ‘Extreme Superstar’ Steve Austin in Extreme Championship Wrestling. Listen to retro audio from ECW featuring “The Stevester” and “WCW Monday Niquil.” Follow Steve Austin as he signs with the World Wrestling Federation and debuts under the guidance of the Million Dollar Man as The Ringmaster. Find out how the Stone Cold character was born and relive the infamous “Austin 3:16” speech from the 1996 King of The Ring. Also, learn about Austin’s feuds with Mikey Whipwreck, The Sandman, Savio Vega and Bret Hart. Listen to old-school audio featuring Jim Ross, Eric Bischoff, Ted DiBiase, Bret Hart and many more. So sit back and open up some “Stevewieser’s” and relive the career of Steve Austin… and that’s the bottom line… ‘Cause Stone Cold Said So!

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