WCW 101: The history of World Championship Wrestling series continues as Professor Sean Beckerman will open our textbooks to Chapter Six: The Bischoff Era Begins. This edition covers the monumental decision to place announcer Eric Bischoff as the Executive Vice-President of WCW. Find out how “Easy E” favored in his first year as boss. Also, go back in time and relive the ‘White Castle of Fear’, Cactus Jack ‘Lost in Cleveland’, a ‘Flair For the Gold’, and the debut of The Shockmaster. Learn about the formation of the projected ‘tag team of the nineties’, the Hollywood Blondes and find out how the WCW International World Title was born. Listen to audio clips featuring Eric Bischoff, Jim Ross, Jesse Ventura, Sting, Vader, Ric Flair, Brian Pillman, Steve Austin, Cactus Jack, and many more. So get your pens and papers out, sharpen your pencils, and take notes on the rise of Eric Bishcoff in WCW on Beyond The Bell!

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