Beyond The Bell is “Stylin and Profilin” as the Horsemen Files returns! In celebration of their induction into the 2012 WWE Hall of Fame, Beyond The Bell opens up the vault to the Horsemen Files: The History of the Four Horsemen. Sean Beckerman breaks down, in chronological order by year, the history of one of the most influential factions in Sports Entertainment. On this edition Sean turns back the clock to the monumental year of 1987 as the Horsemen oust Ole from the stable. Follow the chain of events that led to the removal of Ole Anderson from the Horsemen and find out how newcomer Lex Luger became his successor. Get ready to go back in time and relive their feuds with Ronnie Garvin, Jimmy Garvin, Dusty Rhodes, and the Rock and Roll Express. Diamonds are forever and so are the Four Horsemen!

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