The year was 1984… the setting was Tuesday Night Titans… and the show was Fuji Vice! The WWF debuted a soap opera starring Mr Fuji and Don Muraco. The Miami Vice parody was ground-breaking and innovative for its time. The show was a huge hit; so much so that it led to multiple spin-off parodies starring the two: Fuji General, Fuji Chan and Fuji Bandito. These segments bridged the gap from combat sports to pure entertainment. With Fuji by the “Magnificent One’s” side, Muraco’s career had a resurgence, headlining three consecutive shows at Madison Square Garden against WWF Champion Hulk Hogan, as well as becoming the first ever WWF King of the Ring. Listen to retro audio of the hilarious stand-up comedy routine featuring Muraco and Fuji. So get ready to go back in time and relive the Fuji segments that attempted to conquer Hollywood.

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