Promo videos and Vignettes have been a major part of Professional Wrestling for a long time. The World Wrestling Federation set a new standard for promotional pieces in the mid-to-late nineties. Since then, promo videos and vignettes have been common-place in a Professional Wrestling broadcast. One type of promo video that deem to be extremely effective are the Debut Vignettes for upcoming or repackaged Superstars. The Debut Vignette is an effective tool for a Wrestling company as it introduces a new Superstar to its audience. It gives you a feel, a taste, a vibe of the character that will be debuting. In this edition, Sean takes you back in time to relive some of the greatest Debut Vignettes of all time. From Goldust to Val Venis, this episode covers it all. Get ready to relive some of the successful, unsuccessful, mysterious, controversial, and re-branding vignettes of all time.

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