Commentary plays an important part in the presentation of professional wrestling. Good commentary can turn an average match into a great match. In this two-part series, Sean Beckerman discusses the greatest commentators in Sports Entertainment history. Part-One features the most influential play-by-play commentators of all-time. Play-by-play announcers are also well known in professional wrestling, where their main job is to put over the action in the ring by not only calling the maneuvers and action in the ring, but by recapping the angles and other goings on that have occurred. There have been many play-by-play analysts in Wrestling over the years, but very few have made an impact in the history of this business. From Gordon Solie to Jim Ross, even trow in a Tony Schiavone, this edition covers it all. So get ready for the blow-by-blow analysis of the greatest commentators of all-time on Beyond The Bell!

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