Part 2 kicks off with the Macho Man’s move to the broadcast booth leading up to him tying the knot with Miss Elizabeth at SummerSlam, dubbed “Match Made in Heaven”. Nature Boy Ric Flair would arrive and ignite a feud with Savage that would culminate in his reinstatement and a WWF Title Match at WrestleMania. Find out what led to his departure in the WWF as he would join World Championship Wrestling. We archive his early WCW days as Savage would evolve his character once again as a member of the New World Order and then apart of Team Madness. Relive his classic feuds with Jake Roberts, The Undertaker, Crush, Ric Flair, Hollywood Hogan, and Diamond Dallas Page. From starring in the Spiderman movie to his debut Rap album, Savage would do it all. Listen to retro audio featuring some of the best impersonations of the Macho Man career and candid comments from Bret Hart, Hulk Hogan and DDP. Get ready to remember the latter stages of the Macho Man’s Hall of Fame career one last time on Beyond the Bell.

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