Throughout the 1980’s, the WWF was at an all time peak, selling out arenas nationwide and establishing pay-per-view as a major source of revenue. It was in this decade that some of the biggest names in wrestling history would debut, WrestleMania would take over the wrestling world, and WWE would be thrust into the mainstream pop culture phenomenon of the 1980’s. To a lot of fans today, the 80’s still remain one of their all time favorite decades in wrestling. Most became fans during this era, including host Sean Beckerman, but throughout the decade it seemed that the wrestling world changed overnight, and the superstars who entered the ring were larger than life. In this episode Sean breaks down the 25 signs that you are a true 1980’s WWF wrestling fan. Listen to audio clips from this illustrious era as well as biographies of some of the biggest stars to come out of the decade. Rewind and relive the 1980’s WWF era on Beyond The Bell… BROTHER!

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