Students… class is in session! Professor @SeanBeckerman returns with Chapter 2 of ECW 101: The History of Extreme Championship Wrestling. This second installment covers the years 1994 and 1995 in ECW history. Find out how Eastern Championship Wrestling  became ‘Extreme’ in just one night as a ‘Franchise’ was born. Relive the debut of Raven and his rivalry with Tommy Dreamer, the emergence of The Sandman, Superstar Steve Austin, and the ‘Night The Line Was Crossed’. Listen to retro audio from ECW stars such as Shane Douglas, The Sandman, New Jack, Axl Rotten, Tommy Dreamer, Raven, Paul Heyman, Joey Styles and many more. Get ready to go back in time and relive the land of extreme! Also, stay tuned until the end as we take you back in time and remember when a certain Acolyte competed in ECW… Damn! He was Too Cold!

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